Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I'm watching a documentary right now titled "10 Things You Didn't Know About Tsunamis".

For years experts have been trying to discredit the biblical account of the Red Sea crossing by the children of Israel.
They claim that the crossing didn't actually happen on the shores of the Red Sea, which is a deep body of water, as the word sea would imply. Rather the Israelites crossed the Reed Sea, which is an ankle-deep pool of water over marshy ground.

They claimed there was no miraculous parting of the water since it was just ankle deep. These arguements fall down however when you consider the fact that the whole Egyptian army drowned during this incident, which historians attest to.

I would think it a far greater miracle that the greatest army of the time was wiped out by ankle deep water, than by the biblical explanation which tells us that the wall of water came crashing back down on them.

This documentary however seems to be trying to bring an alternative viewpoint. The presenter believes a tsunami which occured 3,500 years ago sucked all the water away from the Reed Sea at the exact time the Israelites were about to cross it, and sent the water avalanching explosively in the direction of the Egyptians!

In my humble opinion, these experts are just going round in circles. Whether the crossing happened at the Red Sea or the Reed Sea, whether God sent an east wind to part the water or the water was shallow enough for them to wade through or whether a tsunami had anything to do with it, the bottomline is that the Israelites MIRACULOUSLY crossed over to the other side and escaped a pursuing army armed to the teeth!

They are not doing themselves any favours, rather digging themselves into deeper holes. Lol!

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