Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I have just read an article by Mr Leo Igwe who professes to be an atheist, and it got me thinking. I know atheism is not common among African people. Most people believe in a higher power, be it in the african traditional religion, Christianity, Islam or the various other religions. It's quite odd when an African says he does not believe in any God/god because we are such religious and superstitious  people. In my experience it's mostly (but not exclusively) people who have studied in communist countries that come back as atheists/communist/socialist.
Truth be told there's really no such thing as a true atheist. There is an inherent desire in every human being to worship something or someone greater than themselves. It could be an ideology, an object or another human being. If a man refuses to worship the Creator he will eventually end up worshipping the creature. Which do you choose?

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