Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Mc Abbey
These are popular Nigerian comedians. They are also professing Christians. I've only recently discovered this, and it's good to know you can listen to people like this and expect to enjoy clean, family-friendly comedy. It's also good to know there's no need for a Christian comedian to compromise their values in order to be successful. Kudos to them!


  1. I disagree with you concerning Gordons oh!!! Some of his jokes are coarse and vulgar. Also the way he uses the Holy Spirt, tongues, pastors in his joke is suprising . I think he is trying to get more listeners from both sides therby compromising his christian values.

    1. Really?! I must say I've only heard snippets of his jokes. I was listening to MC Abbey on a Christian channel and he spoke of his faith and how Gordons was instrumental to his comedy career.

      I guess they should take a firmer stand on moral issues instead of bowing to the pressure to stay relevant.


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