Tuesday, 4 June 2013


For the past couple of weeks domestic violence topics seem to be the trend on social media. I have spent several hours reading in astonishment the various situations people go through on a daily basis, sometimes for years!

In some of the cases the victims aren't even aware they're being abused, and in most cases they feel powerless to escape these situations.

Sadly, many of the couples involved are professing Christians and most unfortunately, some are pastors. Dear God! If even pastors are involved in this terrible practice, what hope for the congregation?

What should a pastor's wife who finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage do? Should she speak out? Does she owe her husband any loyalty, especially since he is not loving her as Christ loved the church? How would she appropriately councel other women? How would the pastor stand before his congregation and preach the word of God? So many questions! Apparently they are still able to give rousing and uplifting sermons!

The things God sees! I think I need to do a study to see what the bible says on this issue. Be back soon...!

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