Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Vanguard online are reporting that Prophet Timothy Obadare, a renowned evangelist and founder of the World Soul-winning Evangelical  Mission (WOSEM), who died on March 21, will be buried in a gold-plated casket similar to the one Michael Jackson was buried in. The cost, a whopping $25,000!

According to his son, Pastor Paul Obadare, "we want the world to know that the best is given to the one who has done his best for the gospel. If the world can celebrate a carnal man, the world should be able to celebrate a spiritual man better...".
I had never heard of this man of God until his death, but I understand he was one of God's generals in his generation and did great exploits for God. I believe his reward is with God.
Judging from everything I have heard, he was a very humble man and may not have approved of this planned display of extravagance.
His own son bears witness to this, "Baba would always say to you, I live my life to save some. He could not save the whole world, he was not perfect. But he reached out to as many as he could. That was his passion. He doesn’t care about life like that. Building houses, to him was nothing, having flashy things to him was nothing. He said to us that I don’t have inheritance here; I’m not giving you one. But I have inheritance there, if you can enter into that kingdom, you have made it."
I understand the need to give their father a befitting burial but maybe, just maybe, they should reconsider this plan. My opinion!

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