Saturday, 13 April 2013


There are many single women around who long to have a husband and a family  of their own. Many of them have great jobs and all round success except in this one area of marriage. Our society being what it is, generally does not accept that a woman is accomplished and successful if she is yet unmarried.

There are various reasons for this state of affairs. One that has piqued my interest is the situation where a lady has recieved advances and proposals from men but the problem is that non of them meet her standards.

The question now is: Should a lady be blamed for having high standards if she's still single in her late 30's to  40's?

Should she just settle for any man at all and have no standards?
Should she lower her standards and make do with the available since the desirable is not forthcoming?

I guess it depends on her personality. Some girls are strong-willed and seek perfection in whatever they do while some are less fastidious in their expectations and so would be more inclined to settle for a suitor who may not be all they had hoped for.

So who ends up finding fulfilment? The strong-willed perfectionist who may remain forever single or eventually marry much later in life, or her more easy going friend who goes for Mr Available-but-may-not-be-the-best-choice-for-me?

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