Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Some may call me a dreamer...oh well!
This is a dream I had last night as well. A man came to me with his son and asked for some green vegetables. I found his request quite strange because:

1. We didn't have anything in common. They were from a part of the world that I don't have any ties to.

2. The vegetables they wanted are native to Nigeria and as far as I know are only eaten by her indigenes.

I did get him a large bunch of greens but then spent some time trying to trim the bunch, I suppose to make it more presentable. He sat waiting patiently while I did this. When I had trimmed to my satisfaction, I realized there was not much left of the vegetables!
I then gathered all the bits I'd trimmed off and put everything in a bag and presented this to the man. He thanked me and told me he lived nearby and there were many like him on his street.

I'm not sure what to make of this but I know that green plants represent life. Who knows maybe I have a vital role to play in a the life of a total stranger. Time will tell!


  1. May be you are going to render help and it is best not to try to do it your own way. There may be people who need and are looking for what you have and instead of just serving it out, you want to get comfortable, to be satisfied with how or the method before reaching out.

    Maybe you should pray and ask God to show you where your help is needed and to help you allow his will and not yours be done.


Thanks for your comment. God bless!