Saturday, 6 April 2013


I have just listened to an interesting interview about the office of the pastor's wife or 'first lady'. Before now I hadn't actively thought about it, but I remember that the few times it had crossed my mind, I thought it a bit odd whenever I saw a pastor's wife seated in an exalted position at the front of the church, sometimes in a throne-like chair. I must admit though that the first time I heard a pastor's wife referred to as first-lady I laughed out loud. It sounded ludicrous! This is what obtains in many pentecostal/charismatic churches.  

So where has this tradition come from? Does the fact that a woman is married to a pastor automatically make her one as well? Is there an office of 'pastor's wife'?

The interview has brought this issue to the forefront of my mind and in my opinion:

1. A wife does not automatically become a pastor just because her husband is one.       

2. A pastor should not arbitrarily ordain his wife a pastor. It is possible for the wife to have a calling, but the call should be from God.

3. A wife should support her husband in every way possible in his calling, but not as some kind of queenly figure with a special chair and an entourage!

4. There's no such thing as the office of first lady in the church.

Let's put an end to these unnecessary traditions!     


Thanks for your comment. God bless!