Thursday, 16 May 2013


Things that make you go, hmm...!

1) A visiting minister declares to the congregation, "I will teach you how to have total dominion over money. Money will no longer dominate you, instead you will begin to dominate money from today henceforth!"

He instructs everyone to empty their pockets, purses and wallets and to place the money on the floor.
He leads them in making pronouncements and declarations, avowing that poverty is now a thing of the past, each person stomping aggressively on their hard-earned money.

He finally instructs the ushers to gather all the money together in offering bags and the people watch in astonishment as they are not so subtly dispossessed of their money! Some of them are left without any means of getting back to their homes. Hmm...!

2) A pastor comes up with the idea to sell 'kobokos' (local horsewhips). The catch here is that these kobokos are for the purpose of chasing out the devil and his cohorts from the lives of the people! In the open market these implements cost as little as N150 ( less than £1), but in this church they go for as much as £100, and how much one is willing to spend would depend on how stubborn their problem is. Hmm...!

The most mind-boggling thing is that people fall for these gimmicks. Some Christians seem to think they are required to park their brains at home when they go to church, and if anyone so much as raises an eyebrow or attempts to voice disapproval, they pull out the 'touch not my anointed...' card!

When I hear things like these I can't help but wonder how God must feel. One thing I know is, folk who think they can get away with these underhand gimmicks are either very brave or foolhardy. I leave you to decide which.


  1. Last night my mgm( my hubby) asked aloud why every online message from a man of God must end with a plea for money........I said it is for us to 'discern' if it is genuine or not.

    Truth is ministries don't run on 'dust'. The church also needs money and I believe I should contribute to God's work as led....however, I don't care what that man of God says I do not sow my seed anyhow in response to some charismatic sermon delivery. God has taught me that no matter how annointed a pastor is, he is still 'my brother' so if he says something I have the right to come to him, God, our father to confirm it. What these pastors do is sad but personally, I think it is even sadder that we, the children of God 'allow' them......Let's know God for ourselves so we can discern when we are just being fed 'gimmicks'. Many of these gimmicks work because we are too lazy spiritually to seek God for ourselves.

    Thanks Virtuosity for this post. I am glad I came by here.

  2. Thanks Salt. I wish more Christians would exercise discernment; maybe then we would hear less of these sort of stories!


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