Thursday, 30 May 2013


The former archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, feels UK Prime Minister David Cameron has betrayed Christians because of recent happenings under his administration.

"I was very keen to make a very clear statement about what I regard as the duplicity of the prime minister in saying wonderful words about the Christian church and what the leaders are doing...but the actions of his government go in a completely different direction," he wrote.

Some of these actions include the current bill to legalize gay marriage in the UK, people losing their jobs because they refused to work on Sunday, and others being penalized for wearing a cross at work.

These are things they wouldn't dream of doing if the persons involved were Muslim or Jews, but Christians appear to be an easy target.

A recent survey shows that two-thirds of Christians in the UK believe they are a persecuted minority. The former archbishop doesn't think it's as serious as that but does agree there's a great deal of discrimination.

His advice to Christians:
"Don't take anything for granted; don't let people get away with it -- argue. But the second and most important thing is get the tone right. Speak with gentleness. Speak in the truth and in love; be courteous to others."

Politicians are the same the world over. They tell us what we want to hear when they need our votes, then turn around and stab us in the back!

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