Wednesday, 15 May 2013


This video left me laughing out loud! I'm guessing it's a regular routine because the other church members do not appear to be fazed by his antics.

To be honest, it's a bit over-the-top and distracting, but God sees the heart and if it helps to lift someone's spirit, who are we to judge?


  1. Funny you said that Virtuosity that 'God sees the heart' because sometimes when I am in church and I see people really dancing so hard for God, I always ask God to please have mercy and just honour their sweat. Sometimes, he asks me if I can see the heart of the person. At which point, I shut up......if half of the Nigerians who sing and dance for God REALLY lived for him, things would be different here I think. Don't get me wrong....I am probably no better. Difference is I am aware.....many think that all they need to do is dance and dance and speak Christianese.....but there I go again, judging other......Salt, hush.....glad I came by here.

  2. Hi Salt. You're quite right. In my post 'The Fear of the Lord 2', I ask similar questions. With all the religiousity that abounds in Nigeria one would expect more of an impact, but not so.

    Bottomline: only God knows who is truly His. Thanks for stopping by.


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