Thursday, 30 May 2013


Evangelist and Christian singer Carman Licciardello notified fans on Facebook Thursday he's suffered a setback in his battle against cancer.
In February, doctors diagnosed the 57-year-old singer with myeloma, giving him three to four years to live. He underwent an in-depth medical evaluation in early March and began treatment then.
"Today is a bad day," Licciardello wrote, after being admitted to the emergency room with severe dehydration.
He asked his fans to pray.
"This is a war I'm fighting on a daily basis, and I might be trying too hard. I don't know," he wrote. "But as of right now, this is not good. Not good at all. Please pray. You all are my lifeline to the other side of this horrible journey."
"We've come this far -- God can't allow this testimony of his blessing to stop now. It just can't happen," he continued. "I may feel like I'm losing control, but God hasn't."
Culled from: CBN News.
There's nothing impossible for God to do. I wish you divine healing and a swift return to health. Amen!

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