Saturday, 31 August 2013


Last December, a young Indian girl was violently raped and beaten on a bus, by 6 men. She was then pushed out of the bus and died 2 weeks later in hospital. One of the culprits, an 18 year old, has been sentenced to 3 years in prison amidst bitter protests from the victims friends, family and other activists.

The others, who are apparently older, may face the death penalty if convicted. This is such a horrible story and a sad indictment on society. Reports suggest that a rape is reported every 20 minutes in India. An alarming statistic!

What makes human beings created in the image of God behave like animals, and treat other humans in such a manner! At first I was angry at such a light sentence and the fact that this teenager's identity has been protected throughout the trial. Does he deserve protection? Doesn't he deserve the death penalty?

I don't know anymore. Only God judges perfectly. I just wish things could be different in this world. There's so much sorrow and ugliness. That poor girl, what she must have suffered! :'-(  :'-(

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